A wonderful golf experience
for the whole family.

Set in cottage country near the towns of Rimbey and Bentley in the community of Sunnyside, Gull Lake is a popular executive par three golf course capable of delivering a high level of challenge for golfers of all abilities.

Because of its location on the beautiful northwest side of the lake, golfers are presented with spectacular views from just about every hole.

Played in 1½–2 hours, the more experienced golfer has the challenge to par the course and work on their short game. The beginner golfer can enjoy the shorter holes, ability to see the entire hole and learn to golf in a relaxed, family atmosphere.

The holes range from 120 to 213 yards in length, and the greens tend to be small and rolling. An ability to hit long, accurate irons is a necessity to score well on this course.

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We Offer More Than Just Tee Time

We provide a variety of services to our community.

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At Gull Lake Golf Course, we're not just about perfecting your swing; we're also about perfecting your style. Explore our top-notch selection of golf swag, setting the standard for on-course fashion.

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Explore beyond the greens with our curated collection of miscellaneous treasures. From must-have accessories to unique finds, discover the perfect complement to your golfing experience.

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We excel in more than just your game; we cater to your discerning palate too. Delight in our exquisite catering services, elevating your on-course dining experience to new heights.

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We're your go-to source for top-quality equipment. Discover a comprehensive selection of golf gear, meticulously chosen to enhance your performance and enjoyment on the course.

Major Announcements

Calling all golf enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for game-changing announcements at Gull Lake Golf Course. Prepare to tee off into a new era of excitement and innovation as we unveil updates set to redefine your golfing journey.

April 30th
Tuesday @ 9:30am

Ladies League

Ladies League is a weekly league that enjoys the challenge of a variety of fun golf formats each week.
May 1st
Wednesday @ 9am

Seniors League

55 years and up.
April 30th
Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Men’s League

May 2nd
Thursday @ 7pm

Mixed League

May 5th
Sunday @ 2pm

Junior League

Registration: Sunday April 28 at 2pm

About Eamon And Carla

Carla and Eamon, the dynamic duo who embody the heart and soul of Gull Lake Golf Course. With their passion for the game and unwavering commitment to excellence, Carla and Eamon have cultivated an unparalleled golfing experience. Their dedication to hospitality, innovation, and community engagement shines through in every aspect of the course, making Gull Lake a beloved destination for golfers of all levels. Step onto the greens and experience their visionary leadership firsthand, where every swing is met with warmth, expertise, and a touch of magic.

red deer golf,rimbey golf,par 3,public golf course,gull lake

The faces Behind Gull Lake Golf Course's Success

At Gull Lake Golf Course, Carla and Eamon embody a commitment to hospitality that extends far beyond simply running a golf course. They strive tirelessly to transform your visit into a cherished memory, ensuring that every detail, from the warm welcome you receive upon arrival to the last goodbye at departure, is nothing short of exceptional.

Their dedication to excellence is evident in the personalized service they provide, tailoring every aspect of your experience to exceed expectations. Whether it’s anticipating your needs, offering expert guidance on course amenities, or arranging special accommodations for your family, Carla and Eamon are deeply invested in ensuring that your time with us is marked by comfort, enjoyment, and a sense of belonging.

Beyond their roles as hosts, Carla and Eamon genuinely care about the well-being of every guest who crosses the threshold of Gull Lake Golf Course. They foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where families can come together, bond over shared experiences, and create lasting memories. With their passion for hospitality and unwavering dedication to your satisfaction, Carla and Eamon invite you to embark on a journey of relaxation, recreation, and genuine connection at their beloved establishment.”

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